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Anti-Aging Program

Longevity is 70% related to lifestyle.
To increase longevity, the Anti-Aging Program incorporates:

1.      Natural Hormone Enhancement

2.      Optimal Nutritional Supplementation

3.      Anti-aging Exercises

4.      Anti-aging Diet

5.      Stress Reduction Techniques


Hypnosis for Pregnancy

Childbirth has evolved in the last 150 years.  Infections used to be a major problem for pregnant women. Today we have powerful antibiotics and improved technology. As a result, maternal mortality and morbidity have decreased significantly.

After Queen Elizabeth II had a child under ether anesthesia at the turn of the 20th Century, women began to once again go to the hospital to have their babies instead of having them at home. Pain was the center of attention for most pregnant women. Today we can safely manage the pain with a number of different methods. 

We are ready at the beginning of the 21st Century for the next evolutional step. Hypnosis will help you take the focus off pain and create your own pregnancy journey so you can bond with your baby(ies). Your support team will help you achieve realistic birth choices.  

Many couples enrolled in my Hypnosis for Pregnancy course have expressed to me how thrilled they are with their birth experiences. The Spirit, Mind and Body Connection increases the joy of giving birth.



Postpartum Rebirth Program

During the postpartum period many changes occur in your body. You need to remove the toxins that have built up in pregnancy. You also need to strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor musculatures and give your body herbal and nutritional supplementation. You need energy and rest to take care of your baby(ies) and to bring you back to optimal health.


Hormones Replenishment Program

This program is customized to meet your individual needs. Your body needs replenishment as you age. You are a partner in your treatment. I use natural hormones replacement whenever possible and take extra measures not to overdose you on estrogens. 


Smoking Cessation Program

This successful program, which takes 1 to 2 hours, employs acupuncture, hypnosis, education and herbs to eliminate the powerful addiction to nicotine. You are only two hours away from being a non-smoker when you employ the Spirit, Mind and Body Connection technique.


Optimal Herbal & Nutritional Supplementation

Harmful free radicals constantly bombard us through our consumption of polluted air, food and water. To protect your body from these potentially harmful toxins, I offer various herbal formulations and fresh herbal formulas in the form of tinctures, capsules and powders. I have 15 years of experience in using herbs to bring balance and harmony to my patients. I offer nutritional supplements that are formulated using the latest in technology. I have the knowledge, experience and ability to answer your questions.


Acupuncture School & Staff





Dr. James O. Lowry has been a medical doctor in the Chicago area for 20 years. He started his training in acupuncture in 1982. He attended the Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine in Chicago in 1884. But to the American-trained acupuncturist, China is the homeland. So in 1992, Dr. Lowry made the journey to train in the clinics and hospitals of Guangzhou, as part of the International Training Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This school has a reputation for using the highest standards in its training program; its acupuncturists take great pride in teaching students from throughout the world. The International Training Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long association with the Midwest Center. Dr. Lowry is indebted to the faculty of the International Training Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Guangzhou for taking an interest in him and providing him with superior training. Dr. Lowry is truly honored by his experiences in China. He invites you to share in his experiences with the hope of demystifying the amazing and unique techniques of acupuncture. 




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